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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Dead Block for Xbox live arcade and PSN

Digital Reality and Candygun Games announced their upcoming zombie game, Dead Block, which will be released on Xbox live on July 6th for 800 microsoft points and PSN on July 20th for $9.99. The game is set in the 1950's and there are 3 main charecters Mike Bacon a Boy Scout, Jack Foster a construction worker, and Foxy Jones a meter maid. From the trailer it seems to be targeted toward the older side of young kids around 12 years old or so. It is quite cartoonish but still has some gore to it. While I'm sure that some adults out there will be able to get into this game I don't think that is it's intent. For $10 it maybe worth a download but I don't know how many adults will want it or how many young kids will be allowed to get it.

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