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Monday, June 6, 2011

E3 2011 Day 1

To be honest, I have been less than impressed. For me the big let down was Battlefield 3, I am a huge Bad Company fan. The graphics were nothing short of amazing but the game play demo they showed was so boring I literally started to fall asleep watching it, watching someone drive a tank for 10 mins, not very exciting. They did show a clip, actually two of soldiers in the prone, I'm pretty indifferent about the prone I am not a real PC gamer so I never had it, game play is pretty fast paced and sniper camps are fairly frustrating. So it could be good it could lead to super sniper camping but I guess we'll find out in October 25th.

There was and continues to be a lot on Mass Effect 3, I never got into Mass Effect or Mass Effect 2 so I don't have any preformed opinions about the franchise, the game looked pretty good graphically and playability but I'm just looking at it as a normal Sci-Fi shooter, there seemed to be quite a few people who were done with ME but they seemed to all have been previous ME gamers. Mass Effect 3 will be out March 6th 2012 so you will be able to decide for yourself in a little less than a year.

There was a demo of the new Need for Speed: The Run, while I do appreciate them trying to mix it up as the last 100 Need for Speed titles have been for the most part copies of each other (except Shift which tried to go the Gran Turismo route at least realism wise). I don't know that they did enough though as many have already said it seemed a lot like you were watching a movie and only occasionally pushing a random button while you were out of the car. I know that NFS has a huge fan base and I was one of them long ago but it just seems that maybe it's time to let Need for Speed go.

Halo 4 was announced I came in late on it and when they came back to it they were asking a lot of questions but the guy was not really giving any details about ANYTHING. It was pretty frustrating to watch. Halo 4 will be released during the holiday season of 2012.

EA showed a bit about the new Sims: Social coming out and I can see this game on an up coming series of to catch a predator. The game seem to consist of you hooking up with people on your Facebook and being pretty whorish at least from the trailer they showed they seem to want to push the envelope on cyber sluts. So if you are into jerking off at your computer screen or with a controller in hand this could be for you.

If you missed the Xbox portion of it just say kinect 150 times in a row, turn on your Wii if you have it, if you don't turn on some cartoons and wave around a candy bar or your choice of rectangular objects while looking at your Xbox 360. Basically, Microsoft wants everyone to believe that capturing your motions will take place of graphics and putting out shitty looking kinect games will come out an even trade. Seriously, if graphics even stayed the same I would have been impressed, I still would have thrown up from the over dose of kinect usage but playability would have been cool.

A new Fable was showcased with kinect and now in first person. Not really my thing but I'm sure that there are quite a few people looking forward to it's release in 2012.

There was also a Modern Warfare 3 trailer, while it wasn't the most exciting or original trailer I've ever seen I did like the fact that you could switch between a red dot sight and what appeared to be a 4X scope during battle. The trailer caught a lot of negative comments for being unoriginal and nothing compared to Battlefield (which hadn't even shown it's new trailer yet). Personally, I think there is still a place for not as realistic shooters. Not everyone wants to deal with bullet drop or being killed because someone destroyed the building you were in. Not only that but how many people would hate on Modern Warfare if they all of a sudden added bullet drop and demolition, everyone even me no one like a biter just be the best in your field and you will keep fans, at least that's my thoughts.

I almost forgot that Xbox is adding YouTube and Bing along with lots of voice activated stuff like , "Xbox pause", "Xbox play", "Xbox Movies(music, games, etc)" if you have the kinect. As far as the YouTube and Bing are concerned I think that is pretty lame to just be added. The voice commands I hate to admit but some of them I rather liked. Not enough that it would solely make me want to purchase a Xbox 360 but it has potential to be a great added feature.

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