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Monday, June 6, 2011

Florida used game market feeling the pinch

According to an article published by, portions of Florida are forcing local used game retailers to treat every used game trade in as if the games were being sold to a pawn shop. This means that anyone wishing to trade in some games for a new one would be required to supply among other things their employer, height, weight, ID card and thumb print.

So if you were already pissed about the low prices offered when trading in your games to GameStop. Several counties in Florida have gone that extra mile to ensure that you are now nice and heated. The reasoning behind this is to help crack down on the theft of games. Now, I have never burglarized someones home but if I did I don't think that I would say to myself "You know self, you probably could pay all your bills this month if I just took all of theses games to GameStop." Now admitted, I don't live in Florida and quite honestly GameStop already does a good job of pissing me off but it sure seems like this would crush any game store's ability to make a buck in a county with these regulations.

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