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Thursday, August 25, 2011

Deap Space 2 Review - PS3

Dead Space 2 
Dead Space 2 really pulls you in making you feel like you are experiencing the horror first hand and definitely has plenty of excitement.

Dead Space 2 is one of the best horror survival games I've played in a long time. It reminds me of where the Resident Evil series started out before they started pumping out worthless games.

The very short version of Dead Space 2 is that you are Isaac Clarke you wake up to your failed rescue on a hell hole of a space station called the Sprawl. The Sprawl is over run with killer mutant creatures and they could be waiting around any turn. While the goal is basic the game play is nothing short of nonstop scary excitement. If you like being scared you will love this game.

Dead Space 2 will keep you on the edge of your seat scare to turn every corner and fearing what might be in the shadows. As you move through the space station you will gain kinetic powers that allow you to pick up far away objects, even dead bodies and shoot them across the room. You also get a rechargeable blast that shows down enemies and moving objects. There also is a weapon and armor upgrade system that lets you choose how you improve your character.
Unfortunately, I didn't get to play to the end but it does seem like a killer game.

Online gameplay:
Dead Space 2 is another one of those games that gets you should you choose to purchase it used or rent it since you need an Online pass that comes with the game new. If you need to buy one after the fact though the Online pass will set you back $9.99. Admittedly I did not play the multiplayer, I heard it wasn't that good but the game was just too scary to play around my son who likes to watch me play so I just didn't get to it.

Movie scenes have very impressive graphics better than most that have good gameplay graphics. It seems that a lot of games either make beautiful graphics in gameplay or in the cut scenes but rarely both. This game give you both for a well rounded good looking game. Monsters with spike arms, mutilated bodies, messages written in blood a semi powered space station, dark creepy corridors all around just a well done game.

The in game sounds definitely add to Dead Space 2's fright factor. Every item you bump into puts you on edge as it could be the next monster attack coming your way.

While the game world is definitely saturated with zombies right now, gamers just seem to keep begging for more of them. While I am starting to get a little tired of zombies I found the space mutant zombie monsters frighteningly refreshing and fairly original at least in the realm of zombies.

Part of the fun and scare of the game is how easily the monsters can kill you, sometimes with just one shot. While I personally found the default difficulty to be plenty to keep me on my toes, if you are a master horror survival gamer they do offer the setting of Hardcore just for you.

From what I hear when you do beat the game your acquired upgrades from that play will stay with you so Dead Space 2 does have some replay value to it. Hell the fright factor of the game alone gives it some replay value in my book. 

The only negative I could come up with in for Dead Space 2 is that if you are the type of gamer that plays with little kids around you will be staying up until they go to bed or dealing with some nightmares.

9 out of 10

Graphics are really good
Scarey fun
Difficulty levels for everyone even the insanely hardcore

Too scarey to play around little ones

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