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Sunday, August 21, 2011

Red Dead Redemption Review - PS3

Red Dead Redemption 

Red Dead Redemption is a role playing shooter based in the Wild West with a little more emphasis on the RPG than the Shooter. The overall story of Red Dead Redemption seems to be, you play as John Marston, former outlaw turned bounty hunter. You are sent out to the wild west to catch or kill your old partner, Bill Williamson, in order to save your family. While playing you get to mold who John Marston is morally with the choices you make.

Personally I like my L1 to aim and my R1 to fire, while this isn't the default setting you are able to invert L1/L2 and R1/R2 to get the control lay out like that, which is a plus in my book. The rest of the controls were fine with me but I think that a game that allows you to change your controls around really says that the developers really had the gamer in mind.

The story mode is open world so there are an endless possibility of choices to make and places to go. You can help the sheriff, take down cattle thieves, enter duels, play poker, play horseshoes, ride out through the wilderness, help out at the ranch. Overall I found it to be more of a role playing game than a shooter and for me there just wasn't enough action for all the story involved. I felt like some of the time I was into it, mainly while killing stuff (coyotes, owls, people, mountain lions, horses, etc) but even that got a bit repetitive for me. I remember playing GTA for hours and loving every minute I just didn't get the same feeling with Red Dead Redemption.

All the graphics during gameplay are well done. Everything you see is nicely done the individual people, the horses are well detailed, buildings are pretty well done and the environments are nice. All this made me a little surprised that the movie scene in the game weren't a little better done. They aren't terrible but they just seem a little rough to me especially since there seems to be quite a few of them.

Overall it was a little boring for me and was in no way a Wild West Grand Theft Auto to me. The graphics are great, the story is in depth but I really just couldn't stay into it. I read a lot of review before playing the game about how great it was but I just didn't see it. I was pretty board after about two or three hours of playing. I really didn't see any replay value for me but if you can get into the game I imagine you could play it for months. The game wasn't hard once you know that you have aim assist and dead eye(slow motion) it gets pretty boring, I have read that it takes about 20 hours to finish.

7 out of 10

  • Infinite gameplay
  • Open world
  • Graphics are good
  • Multiple weapons

  • Role playing and shooter styles just didn't feel balanced
  • Everything seems a bit repetitive

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