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Thursday, August 25, 2011

Torn - Free Online RPG - Join a world of Crime

I found some screenshots of the online RPG Torn. I remember as a kid playing "Drug Wars" on my TI-85 calculator. It was a basic game all text based, things like "What do you want to do?" "Go here", "Mug old people", "Go sell drugs", "Go buy drugs", etc. While I'm not saying it was a good kids game it was entertaining, a widely circulated game at my school and most importantly it was fun. There was no way to play with other people so when I saw this game Torn it took me back to being in school pretending to do work and playing this game but this seems to pick up where "Drug Wars" left off. Now test your skills against other players.
Oh and it's free so what do you have to loose?

Here is a youtube video from the site followed by some screenshots.

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