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Friday, September 9, 2011

Blockbuster by mail for gamers?

In mid July I received an email from Netflix telling me that the price was going up again. I believe this was the third time since I had signed up with them and the second in less than a year. Like a lot of people this was cause to start looking for a replacement for Netflix, I had Blockbuster years ago before they started making lame decisions like not allowing unlimited in store exchanges and raising prices. So I went to blockbuster's site to price their service. While on the site I notice that not only were they offer a discount as a marketing ploy to pick up Netflix customers but they were offer to bundle Games and Blu-rays in at no extra charge, win win right?

So for the first month of the trial every thing went pretty good, I set up my queue so that way I could get one game and then movies until I finished the game. Then when I was finished with the game get another game sent to me. There is a several month lag between when games come out and when you can actually get them by mail but if you have priced gamefly you can appreciate Blockbuster's prices.

Well here comes the catch for gamers, for the last month I have yet to receive a single game. Despite the fact that I have had 6 games at the top of my queue I am still waiting and waiting and waiting. This is due to availability of games 1 of the 6 is "unavailable", how you can offer a game that you don't have is beyond me. 2 of the 6 are short wait, if a month is not yet a "short wait" I will probably die before the 3 that are "very long wait" are ever available.

So the point here is if your main reason for going to Blockbuster is to bundle movies and games I hope you like playing the Greatest Hits games because that is about all that is available right away. Maybe this is due to an influx of subscribers switching from Netflix but no matter what the cause is the result is very very long waits on games by mail at Blockbuster. Blockbuster by mail is still good for movies but right now completely sucks for new games.


  1. yes it is true, everything about blockbuster is horrible....death to the company will happen. Then Redbox will take over...

  2. I think with a few changes Blockbuster could come back but they will have to improve shipping/availability times drastically. I have read a few press releases saying that Dish Network is planning on taking Blockbuster to subscription streaming but there is no launch date. I think that will be interesting if/when it does launch.