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Friday, September 16, 2011

Runescape Online RPG

Alright so about the time I started playing Torn.Com I also started playing Runescape. They are in no way related other than they can both be played for free. Runescape is a freeish game and by that I mean that you can play the game for free however you can only unlock all the skills, weapons, items, locations on the map and worlds if you are a paying member but as a free player you can still play with "members" so long as they are in a free world and the game is still fun even without all the unlocks.

Runescape is a medieval RPG that is all about completing quests and customizing your character as you see fit. From the beginning of the game you choose the way your character looks to include sex, skin tone, hair style/color, facial hair, clothing, etc. The next step in customization is to decide how you want your character to fight, you have the choice of Melee (sword, ax, mace, etc), Ranged (sling, bow, crossbow, throwing weapons) or Magic. Each of these has many different levels allowing you to upgrade weapons or spells. They also have different skills to build Attack (accuracy of melee), Strength, Defense, Ranged and Magic.There is also a ton of what I consider secondary skills like Mining, Smithing, Fishing, Crafting, Woodcutting, Fire Making and the list goes on and on.

To be quite honest I really only started playing the game in the quest to find a game that you can actually make money playing. Runescape like World of Warcraft and many other popular mutliplayer online games has a black market for game currency where you can sell it for real money. In my quest to find out if I could actually start making money from this I chose a Miner character in the beginning, although I later read on that your character type has no effect on your skills. Well, 3 weeks in I haven't made any really money but I have upgrade my character quite a bit, got scammed out of a fairly expensive shield, seen plenty of players using bots to mine for them and seen a TON of players using scripts to advertise selling game currency for real money. From the research I have done it is a lot easier to make a lot of game currency as a paid member since you have access to all skills but it is still possible to make a lot of game money with a free account it will just take longer.

Just to touch quickly on bots since a lot of new players ask about them. There are a few ways of botting that I am aware of, all are prohibited by game rules. The first and least effective way is to use a macro program, I tried a few different macro programs that record your on screen clicks and repeat them a set number of times. The best one was still pretty poor eventually even the best one would miss it's aim by just a fraction of an inch and have me wandering around like an idiot. Then there are free Runescape bots that are designed specifically for this game. I tried 3, the first one would not even load at all but I scanned my computer and no viruses found so I don't know what the deal was there. The other 2 work pretty good, one was a lot more user friendly but eventually always led to an unexpected error and just stopped preforming the set action and the other I didn't use as much do to the less user friendly nature but I found no glitches or errors. It should be noted that both claimed to have botting protection so that even when you were tested to ensure that you were not a bot it could pass the test but I only got tested using the more user friendly of the 2 and yes it passed. Also, I set up two secondary accounts so as not to get my main account banned should it get hit for botting, I don't know the procedure for known botting but personally I wouldn't want to sink a month or more into a game account just to get banned but that's just me.

So in closing it is a fun game with plenty of things to do. I have thought about dedicating a page with screenshots to tips and tricks that I have learned so far. If you would like to see one put up post below or if I just get enough traffic to this post I may put one up.

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