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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Battlefield 3 Beta Review, Operation Metro

While Operation Metro was a bit more glitchy than I expected, for it being one map I'm still pretty happy.
I really didn't think much about it as I was playing it but I like the change in environment from park area to subway to city street. The park area gives you trees, rocks and walls to hide behind, there is also a lot of concealment with all the plants and bushes but there are still some open areas for the recon guys. The subways obviously forces you into a bit more of a close combat situation but there are a few smaller open areas. The city street feels more open than the park area but there are a few places to find cover like behind cars or in buildings.

Right now it seems that the 870 pump shotgun is the king of all weapons as far as versatility goes in Battlefield 3. The pump shotgun with default ammo is great at close combat and  seems to reload faster than in Battlefield: Bad Company 2. The pump shotgun also does okay at medium range and has a variety of ammo types so far flechette rounds are my favorite but I have also unlocked frag rounds (which seem pretty worthless), I haven't unlocked slugs yet but I hear they do more damage but have a huge amount of drop.

I can't really say that any other weapons have stuck out to me yet but I do like the fact that recon starts with a semi automatic rifle so you have more of an assault feel than having to stay back away from the fight or drop the scope.

I had read earlier that assault was also going to carry med packs but it would seem that they have just switched it back to Battlefield: Bad Company and you now have Assault and Support. Assault carries the med packs and Support carries the ammo.

The class have been updated a bit Recon doesn't have the motion sensors that I have seen and they now have a remote spawn point, I have read that after beta it may double as a motion sensor but there is a new motion sensor so I doubt that is true.
Support now has bi-pods on their weapons, while it does add accuracy I found myself slightly aggravated with the range of fire as it locks you into your position and you can only shoot so far to the right or left. To disengage the bi-pod you simply move your character but if you don't know that it can be a pain.
It seems that most weapons can add a flashlight or laser sight, the flashlight has huge blinding capabilities but at the same time you are screaming here I am to anyone you are not pointing it directly at.

Weapon customization in general has taken a turn, while everything has become much more customizable if you like to make drastic weapons changes mid fight it will now take a bit more time but I'm sure as you get used to it the process will become less time consuming.

The major glitches that I ran into were dropping down into the ground, dumping a clip into someone with no damage, flashes of solid color across the entire screen and not being able to run which seems to be solved by a quick look down the sights. Honestly, part of me wishes that I hadn't played the Beta as seeing it with the glitches was a bit disheartening holding Battlefield as high as I do but I have read that most of these are known glitches that are already fixed or have been in the process of being fixed for a while. It should be noted that Dice has already stated that you battle stats will not carry over and that weapon stats will be fine tuned so don't fall in love with any weapon just yet as it could be a lot different upon release.

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  1. I agree with this. I feel like they picked this map on purpose to compete with call of duty. It's a faster playing map and no vehicles. The glitches have made me like battlefield a little less. Hopefully they are all fixed come the release.