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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Playstation 3 Buttons Sticking?

I recently had a problem with my PS3 controller buttons sticking and if you google it you end up with a bunch of different remedies from take your controller apart to just go buy a new one. Now I don't recommend either of these unless you just like to take stuff apart and the joys of it always being harder to put back together or you have so much money you don't know what to do with it. So what works?

Well, first the disclaimer, this worked for me and caused no known damage to my controller, don't message me if you end up destroying yours.

Alright, all I used was:
a medium toothbrush
rubbing alcohol
a clean cloth

  1. First off, this should be a given but make sure your toothbrush is clean (not a general cleaning toothbrush).
  2. With the with bristles up put a drop or two of rubbing alcohol on the the tip of the bristles just at the end. I recommend a medium or soft toothbrush to allow the bristles to bend into the crevasses.
  3. Turn the toothbrush over (bristles down), if alcohol drips off you probably have too much.
  4. Now get your controller (I made sure mine was turned off).
  5. Take your toothbrush and work the bristles around in the crevasses around the buttons. I did notices a blue tint to the bristles after cleaning my blue controller but there was no fading to the actual controller.
  6. Now you should have a bit of rubbing alcohol on the controller around the buttons, take your cloth and just rub the top of the controller until it is completely dry.
  7. If you are nervous let your controller sit for a while but I was pretty sparing with the rubbing alcohol so I turned mine on after I rubbed it with the cloth and it worked like new again.

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