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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Warmides Open Beta

Warmides is a free online war strategy game. The game takes place on the planet of Mides. Mides has been invaded by aliens that took over the whole planet.

Mide's only was to ask for help from the humans of Earth. Mides brought the best Generals from Earth to their planet a long with their weapons.

Generals' main objective was to wipe out all the alien camps. But soon humans got greedy and started attacking each other. Launching bombing attacks and forming “allies”…
The player takes the role of a General with goal to clean his camp area and maximize his camp levels in a competitive environment around other players and NPC’s.
Key features:
  • Freemium game : Free to Play Game, with all units, upgrades, levels, options available to all Players
  • 10 Different Combat Units
  • 5 Different resources
  • Air Force Units, Mech Units, Troop Units
  • Two different attack types – Simple attack and Bombing attack
  • Reinforcements – Attack – Bombing action from general’s Pentagon
  • Game economy based on Mide Coins
  • Over 27 Upgradable structures up to level 40
  • Upgradable combat units
  • Small premium Diamond package for balanced results.
  • Advanced Auction House – aka Free Market (sell, buy resources from other players online)
  • NPC Market function to exchange resources if there is no offer available at the Market.
  • Upcoming Hero (for General) that will affect the army’s attributes according to General’s attribute stats. (scheduled in the early future Q1 2012)
  • Fully AJAX – Single page game architecture with no refresh and user instant notification about everything (no refresh needed!)
Register for Warmides Open Beta here.


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