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Monday, November 21, 2011

GameGadet - Open Source Handheld

GameGadget the next big thing in handheld gaming? While I doubt that the GameGadget 1.0 will be able to rival the 3DS, PSP and Vita, the fact that GameGadget will be open source does open up a lot of possibilities for smaller game developers.

According to the recent press release the GameGadget will download all games from a "iTunes  style application". It seems that the GameGadget may focus on small game developers and older games at first.
Hundreds of thousands of games are currently “archived” and no longer being enjoyed by Gamers, with no value being generated for the Developers and Publishers. The launch of GameGadget creates a market for gamers to play the games they want to play. 
The biggest thing this says to me is affordable software, while I do love my PS3 and the newest gadgets it definitely wouldn't hurt my feelings any to see a something come out that provides a little price competition with software prices well below $60 for new games. Granted lower priced software is just my own speculation and like I said I doubt GamerGadget 1.0 will be much competition but open source anything tends to pick up some sort of cult following pretty quickly.

The projected price for this soon to be released handheld(January 2012) is £99.99 or about $135 US, which isn't bad in itself. After seeing what games they will be offering and some hardware specs I might have to pick one up just to see how it plays, even though I don't know if I have had a handheld since Sega GameGear.

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