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Battlefield 3 Free Giveaway

Closed 10/25/2011

So to increase traffic to my new Blog I decided to have a giveaway for the much anticipated Battlefield 3 game. The contest will run until the games release, 10/25/2011, at that time a winner will be announced. So long as EA is not out of stock, a new copy of Battlefield 3 will be shipped to you and at your door in no time. You will have your choice of PS3, Xbox 360 or PC versions. There will only be one winner.
The winner will be posted on this page and if email is provided notified via email and have 48 hrs to reply back with system choice, if they do not reply another random number will be chosen.
To enter is simple:

  1. Follow this blog publicly(GFC), this is mandatory and will give your 1st entry (comment your email after or email it to me either way).
  2. Share to Facebook is optional and will give you 2 more entries(please comment the link below).
  3. Share to Twitter also optional, will give you 2 more(please comment the link below). 
    Comments will be deleted after verification, just to free up space.

*** I will not ask you to follow the directions above I will just give you the entries for the directions you have followed or none
if you do not do #1.

If you win and I don't have your e-mail all I can do is post you on this page and wait 48 hrs.***


You must be 18 years of age or older

You must be in the US and Shipping address can not be a PO Box

As people "enter" they will be assigned a number or numbers, at the end of the contest a random number will be chosen and the winner will be contacted for shipping detail. The winner will also be announced on this page.
Should you have any questions feel free to post them or email me.


Here are 4 pages of just comments, not including emails when comments were down for 3 weeks or so. Just for people that want to talk trash about leaving up comments.


  1. It is now 12:15 the giveaway is closed, I will announce the winner in a few minutes.

  2. The winner is "Matt S", you have been emailed and messaged through GFC, you have 48 hours to message me back with your system and address. Should you not respond in 48 hours you will forfeit the prize and another number will be drawn.

  3. d'aww. D: oh well... maybe next time. :D

  4. crap. I wanted to play it while its still new instead of waiting for it to drop to $20 like I always do.

  5. Cough a little note, if you plan to win giveaways in the future. Leave the comments up, it looks as though this giveaway was rigged... You couldn't even make certain the winner would get the prize you were giving away. Congrats to Matt S. if he is real and not an imaginary friend.

  6. Tpyo If you plan to HOST Giveaways....

  7. Sure thing buddy, next time I'll leave 250+ comments on here for everyone to scroll down before they can add a comment.

  8. 250+ commments lol you only had 35 comments for the giveawat

  9. Ok, give me 15 mins and I'll post some screenshots of all the comment emails. So you can shut the hell up.

  10. I was going to have 5 but they had some email addresses in them but I think you get the point and that is if you don't know what you are talking about just sit there and shut up.

  11. Did you highlight my name on the last page because I won the consolation prize?:P

  12. Ha no I was just scrolling through the emails I received from the comments on this page. That was good though.