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PS3 Themes

Some of the PS3 Themes that I have made feel free to use them if you like them. If you want a certain theme feel free to email me or comment and I'll see what I can do to make it for you.

When installing theme from USB you need to place file in two folders PS3 > THEME > File

Battlefield 3 Theme Basic (Orange)
This is the first one I did, Original Icons using highlight colors from
the background, Battlefield 3 Theme Orange Basic. (Link Coming)

I used a lot of custom icons for everything that is not a new
icon it will be orange as above.

Same as above but different background.

Same custom icons different background and default icons
are a light blue.

Battlefield 3 Theme Dynamic Text
This is a pretty basic PS3 Theme it's basically the same as below but has
the same custom icons as above. Because it is dynamic I made two
version there is a HD version (720) and a SD version.
BF3 Dynamic Text Theme

Battlefield 3 Theme Dynamic RPG
SD version for pre 4.00 firmware,this is the longest version.
4.00 firmware fix for the Dynamic RPG Theme SD if you downloaded the 4.00
you will need this for SD, unfortunately the "upgrade" cuts the amount of frames allowed.
SD Preview
HD version is the shortest of the three RPG Themes but in 720.

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