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Thursday, September 29, 2011

Battlefield 3 Beta Is Here

The Battlefield 3 Beta is now open to everyone. While I have read some glitch reports already from the people that had early access it only makes me slightly less excited to play. I'm not sure where it is on Xbox live but for PS3 you just have to go to the PS Store, search Battlefield 3 Beta and it will be in the top position, just click to download it (you do not need PlayStation Plus).

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Play Battlefield 3, Win $1,600,000

A recent press release from Virgin Gaming announced the up coming Battlefield 3 contest to be held in early 2012 with a total prize payout of 1.6 million dollars. The contest will begin by pitting players against each other online and finish with the best players going to a live grande finale. The best of the grande finale players with take their part of the prize money. While the exact date and the payout break down has yet to be released you can go and preregister at virgin gaming now.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Battlefield 3 Beta Coming Soon

If you haven't already heard the Battlefield 3 Beta will be available on the PSN September 29th to October 10th. If you got the early access by buying Medal of Honor then you get a 2 day jump start which to me is a little lame but I guess 2 extra days is something.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Earn money talking about games

There is always someone looking to earn money with games and while you won't earn $2,000 a week playing games or any of that other scam BS you see everywhere. You can Earn Money Posting on gaming forums. I have tried it and this is an affiliate link. Basically, you go to forums/blogs that are looking for traffic, write new threads and comment on existing threads. This gives them legitimate content for search engines and users alike, every post generates points that can be used for cash or for traffic of your own should you have a forum/blog.
Yes this is legitimate, no you won't be able to quit your job. If you have any questions feel free to ask.

Monday, September 19, 2011

Battlefield 3 Screenshots

Well here are some recent Battlefield 3 screenshots, while they are not gameplay screenshots they still look pretty impressive.

Friday, September 16, 2011

Runescape Online RPG

Alright so about the time I started playing Torn.Com I also started playing Runescape. They are in no way related other than they can both be played for free. Runescape is a freeish game and by that I mean that you can play the game for free however you can only unlock all the skills, weapons, items, locations on the map and worlds if you are a paying member but as a free player you can still play with "members" so long as they are in a free world and the game is still fun even without all the unlocks.

Runescape is a medieval RPG that is all about completing quests and customizing your character as you see fit. From the beginning of the game you choose the way your character looks to include sex, skin tone, hair style/color, facial hair, clothing, etc. The next step in customization is to decide how you want your character to fight, you have the choice of Melee (sword, ax, mace, etc), Ranged (sling, bow, crossbow, throwing weapons) or Magic. Each of these has many different levels allowing you to upgrade weapons or spells. They also have different skills to build Attack (accuracy of melee), Strength, Defense, Ranged and Magic.There is also a ton of what I consider secondary skills like Mining, Smithing, Fishing, Crafting, Woodcutting, Fire Making and the list goes on and on.

Torn.Com - Free Online RPG - Review

Alright, so I had high hopes for Torn when I first heard about it, probably more of a sentimental thing than logical thought. To be honest I'm just not the type of gamer that stays interested in a game you only play for a few minutes a day. I hate all those Facebook games and I hate it even more when my friends send me invites over and over. If I didn't want to play that game the last 50 times you invited me I probably don't want to play it now! Anyways, I have been playing Torn for about 3 weeks now and it is definitely one of those games.

I did manage to stay interested for longer than I thought I would by joining a faction or a gang and being moderately social, at least for me. Torn has a few ways of talking with other players messaging, faction chat, global chat, beginner chat, and IRC. As far as IRC goes you have two choices you can go with the in game IRC or you can use an external program like mIRC. If you have never heard of IRC then you probably just want to stick with the in game IRC. However, if you already use IRC then you can add the Torn server (Irc.Torn.Com). One good thing about IRC in Torn other than just chatting is the freebie channels. I made $25 million in cash in about a hour or two on #freebies, so if you are a new player and you want to raise some cash quick that is the first place to go.

But back to Factions the down side to factions is also the upside if you like slow playing games and that is respect. Respect for your Faction can be gained in 1 of 2 ways 1) attacking enemy Factions and winning or 2) completing organized crimes successfully. Well both can end you up in the hospital and if you are part of a weaker Faction and you are a lower level get ready to get put in the hospital A LOT, I mean A LOT. The Faction that I am with is at war with 9 other Factions and damn every time I log in I'm in the hospital. So I have even less play time that I would if I were just playing the game without getting attacked several times a day. The end result for me is a pretty boring game.

If you get into all those Facebook games then Torn may very well be a game for you, they actually just released a Torn Lite for Facebook. But I you desire a game that you actually play you will probably get tired of Torn in no time.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

The Lord of the Rings Oniline: Rise of Isengard

While I am not a huge Lord of the Rings fan, I do have to say that the graphics seem like they are pretty well done from the screenshots. I also imagine that there is probably a pretty big following waiting to see some glimpse of the up coming Lord of the Rings game so here are some screenshots that I found. For more information about the upcoming expansion release you can visits the press release.

Friday, September 9, 2011

Blockbuster by mail for gamers?

In mid July I received an email from Netflix telling me that the price was going up again. I believe this was the third time since I had signed up with them and the second in less than a year. Like a lot of people this was cause to start looking for a replacement for Netflix, I had Blockbuster years ago before they started making lame decisions like not allowing unlimited in store exchanges and raising prices. So I went to blockbuster's site to price their service. While on the site I notice that not only were they offer a discount as a marketing ploy to pick up Netflix customers but they were offer to bundle Games and Blu-rays in at no extra charge, win win right?

So for the first month of the trial every thing went pretty good, I set up my queue so that way I could get one game and then movies until I finished the game. Then when I was finished with the game get another game sent to me. There is a several month lag between when games come out and when you can actually get them by mail but if you have priced gamefly you can appreciate Blockbuster's prices.

Well here comes the catch for gamers, for the last month I have yet to receive a single game. Despite the fact that I have had 6 games at the top of my queue I am still waiting and waiting and waiting. This is due to availability of games 1 of the 6 is "unavailable", how you can offer a game that you don't have is beyond me. 2 of the 6 are short wait, if a month is not yet a "short wait" I will probably die before the 3 that are "very long wait" are ever available.

So the point here is if your main reason for going to Blockbuster is to bundle movies and games I hope you like playing the Greatest Hits games because that is about all that is available right away. Maybe this is due to an influx of subscribers switching from Netflix but no matter what the cause is the result is very very long waits on games by mail at Blockbuster. Blockbuster by mail is still good for movies but right now completely sucks for new games.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Battlefield 3 Physical Warfare Trailer

To be honest the only thing that got me excited about this trailer was the street sweeper and realistically I don't know if it will be any better than the Saiga 12 was/is but I do like to see new toys.