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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Gamers save money with twitter and facebook

Well I just recently started using Twitter and while I have a personal account on Facebook I didn't add anyone that I didn't personally know. I recently started writing for about PS3 news for the DC area so I decided I should probably get as much information as quickly as possible so I made a Twitter account and created a new Facebook account just for gaming.

Now, I know that this is nothing new to many people but I figure if I'm just finding this I can't be the only one. So anyways I started following EA on twitter and EA Insider Deals on Facebook. Yesterday I saw for the second time on twitter they were running a deal on their Facebook page if their posting received 2000 likes they would release a code for the EA site for 50% off NFS Hot Pursuit and Shift 2 plus free shipping. Now admittedly these games are not brand new but they are still $60 and around $50 used on Game Stop or $45 new on (at least the PS3 version), with this code you could get them for $30 each brand new(one day only). While I personally had dismissed all NFS games as worthy of my money, for 50% off I figured it was worth a shot. So I put in the code and order Hot Pursuit for $31 and some change total. Now even if the game sucks I can put it on eBay and get most if not all of my money back.

So I ordered it, during check out it said that I should have my game in hand in 4 days. It took about 15 minutes to actually get a confirmation email for my order, probably due to heavy traffic. The next day no item shipped email, I'm starting to wonder if I will have my game by Friday. The following night 20 minutes short of 48hrs from the time of my confirmation I get a shipping notification, still estimating Friday. Friday is here and so is my game right on time. Overall I can't complain about the process. I will be posting my review of the game in another post in a few days. At this point I have played some of the career mode but my obsession with Battlefield Bad Company 2 is getting in the way.

Well just as a great for me update, today I got a visit from the UPS man and to my surprise he was there to give me a free copy of NFS Hot Pursuit.

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