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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Battlefield 3 Midnight Release, Fail

Well if you like me rushed out at midnight to get your copy of Battlefield 3 you were probably unpleasantly surprised to see "Online Pass check failed".

Alright so contrary to what I found on forums it's not that the servers are down, there isn't a pop up Online Pass screen as I thought there would be. For PS3 you have to go down to "Store", then hit Triangle to redeem your code. Unfortunately, I went to this screen a few time but the "No Content Available" screen made me exit out but sorry I lied it's up it's just not straight forward to put in your Online Pass Code.


  1. when will the servers be put up if you know?

  2. you have to redeem your online pass code in the playstation store. there is an icon in the top right corner. go to "redeem code", enter code.

  3. For those that bought the game overseas there is a simple solution if you are getting this message or invalid code.

    You need to create a PSN account from the region it was from ie if your in Australia and bought it from Hong Kong you need to make a Hongh Kong PSN account, which it will allow you to do when you create a new account.

    Then boot the game with this new account and your online pass code will now work.

    Once you have done this you will then be asked for an ea account.Link it with your old ea account(the one you normally use or if you dont have an account create one)

    Now once thats all activated quit game log back on with your orginal psn account and now it will work.

    Happy gaming!!!!