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Thursday, August 25, 2011

Replacing Netflix Update

Alright, so last time I compared a few services. I still haven't found any other new services to replace Netflix but I did have a refreshing thing happen while using my free trial with Hulu.

I tend to stay up late into the early morning, I don't know I'm sure that I have some sleep disorder but that aside, I was watching Hulu probably around 1 or 2 am EST and it just stopped working. I logged out of Hulu, logged back in with no change. I shut down my PS3 and started it back up still no change. I got on my computer Hulu was still working on my PC and Hulu actually has a customer service link. This was some what nice just to see since with Netflix you can get on the phone and call a 800 number or just deal with it and I have had the same problem quite a few times with Netflix.
So I figured what can it hurt, so I just sent them an email asking if there was a known problem with the PS3 streaming and described what I was experiencing. I went on to watch a DVD and later go to bed. When I woke up it was working so I didn't think much about it. A few days later I received two emails from Hulu customer service one to apologize for the outage and another informing me that I had received a credit to my account for the trouble I had.
Now for me actual customer service along with the projected licensing fee increases to Netflix over the next year or two is enough for me to replace Netflix with Hulu. I'm sure that some will think well Netflix has this and Hulu doesn't but there is plenty that Hulu has that Netflix doesn't. I just hope steady pricing will be one of the things Hulu will have that Netflix will not.
For everyone out there saying oh it's only this much more a month, just like it was 8 months ago or so, I can only hope that in another 8 months from now they raise prices again and again and you just keep paying them telling yourselves that it's only this much more a month. The reality is the consumer controls the pricing trend. If the consumer leaves after a price increase then the provider must renegotiate for lower prices with the studios. If the subscriber stays and doesn't say a word then the provider pays higher and higher licensing fees until it is too late and there is no chance without a company collapse, Blockbuster is a good example of that.

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